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Asifa Bano: When will the brutality against women stop?

by Vibhuti Gupta, Monday, April 16, 2018

If there is an all-forgiving God, today, I hope that GOD DOES NOT FORGIVE. God has to make this exception for the innocent 8-year-old Asifa, who was kidnapped, gang-raped and brutally murdered, all in the name of communal tension.

This angel-eyed innocent girl belonged to a small nomadic Muslim tribe and the last she was seen was grazing horses on January 10th, 2018 in Kathua, a small district in Jammu and Kashmir.  Before today, I used to be proud of India for being a sovereign and social country. I used to recite the Preamble of the Indian Constitution with a sense of pride and patriotism but today, I'm heartbroken and speechless.

The heinous act with Asifa took place under a temple- a place of holiness and purity, a place where people come to wash their sins, is the exact place where these 8 men have committed the greatest sin of all.

These eight evil monsters included Sanji Ram, retired government officer, who planned this crime with the help of police officers Surender Verma, Anand Dutta, Tilak Raj and Mr Khajuria. He also involved his son, Vishal, his nephew, a juvenile, and his friend, Parvesh Kumar in this heinous crime. Sub Inspector Anand Dutta and Tilak Raj were bribed with 1.5 lakhs to keep shut about the case.

You all might be wondering, if this incident took place in January 2018 then why are we talking about it now? Well, the details of this inhumane act were till now, being suppressed by Hindu groups. Criminal cases have been registered against more than 40 lawyers for trying to prevent the police from filing charges!

Asifa was lured away and abducted. She was then, confined to a Hindu temple, where she was drugged, gang-raped and killed by strangling her and hitting her head with two rocks. Her body was found by a local on 17th January. I can feel my heart hit rock bottom as I type. And every time I see her face, I feel a gut-wrenching sense of helplessness that I cannot do anything about.

In 'a social sovereign country', we have an angry mob on two sides of every line- in this case, one side is demanding punishment for all the accused, while on the others are siding with the accused parties, justifying the religious sentiment that made for the pretext of the rape.

As I’m writing this, my hands are trembling and my eyes are filled with tears. All this because I'm hurt and angry. I'm not angry at anyone else but myself for my own helplessness. 

Who do you ask for help when one of the accused is a special officer who kept an innocent girl alive just so that he could rape her one last time? 

Where do you go to worship when the caretaker on a temple is involved in kidnapping, murder and torture? 

What kindness and love lessons do we seek when one of the accused was especially invited from Meerut so that he could satisfy his lust by raping an 8-year-old?

Today- I mourn not because of a Muslim or a girl child, but because Asifa is India. And also I mourn, for an India which is dead!


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