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Be aware of whatever comes next: Bhangarh Fort

by Tanvi Vohra, Friday, July 06, 2018

We all have heard the stories and myths that are accompanied by the name of this place. The horror that can be felt in our heart when the place 'Bhangarh' is mentioned cannot be described in words. Interested in going on a ride to this place? Do you have the guts to?

Bhangarh Fort, constructed in the Alwar district of Rajasthan is a 17th Century fort and is known to be the most haunted place in India or some even believe it to be the most haunted in entire Asia. As per the ghostly happenings and experiences that exist in relation to that place, the villages around the fort and abandoned their residence because of fear of the unknown in the premises of that place. Recently, even the ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) has forbidden the tourists and even the locals of the district to enter the place at night.


The history of this place goes back to the 17th century when this fort was built. It is believed that it was constructed by a Navratanas of Akbar's court, Man Singh I and was built for his son, Madho Singh I. Since then the fort is known for being haunted for generations.

Legends and Haunted Stories

Bhangarh fort in itself holds a negative aura around it. This place holds two stories from generations that act as legends.

The first story claim that the king named, Madho Singh raised the fort after the permission of an ascetic on one condition that the shadow of the fort should never fall on the residence of the ascetic. However, one of the successors of Madho Singh added a part of the village vertically which made a shadow on the home of that ascetic. As soon as a shadow falls on his home, the fort was doomed and cursed as since then has been haunted.

The second story, that is believed to be more popular than the first one is that the beautiful princess of Ratnavati of Bhangarh was responsible for the destruction of the fort. A local black magician fell in love with the princess and cast a spell over her cosmetics so that she falls in love with the magician. However, when the princess realised the conspiracy, she poured the cosmetic on a large stone that later crushed the local black magician to death. While he took his last breath, he cursed the land that no soul will rest in peace that dies in that fort and since then the Bhangarh fort has its spiritual standing.

How to Reach?

No one is allowed to enter the fort after sunset and before sunrise. Bhangarh Fort is located approximately 269 km from Delhi. The route of NH8 should be preferred. Overall, it takes about 4 to 5 hours of driving from Delhi.

Do you have the guts to visit this place alone? Stay tuned for more Travel Blogs.


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