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Family of 11 people found dead: Murder, Suicide or Supernatural Practices?

by Tanvi Vohra, Tuesday, July 03, 2018

‘Family is not an important thing, it is everything!’ Be it high or a low point in our life, our family has always been our support system. We have always looked up to them for care and affection and I doubt that any one of us can imagine a day without this support.

Going beyond our imagination, a case was registered in North Delhi's Burari area stating the death of the entire family which included 11 members. Ten members among whom were six women and two teenagers were found hanging in the courtyard of their house. The eleventh member, a 77-year-old woman was found dead in her room. The death of the eldest member of the family has only been filed with a case of murder as it was clear that she had been strangled, on the basis of the marks that were found on her neck.

Those who died are identified as Mrs Narayan Devi (77), her sons Bhavnesh Bhatia (50), and Lalit Bhatia (45), daughter-in-laws Savita Bhatia (48) and Teena Bhatia (42), her daughter Pratibha (57), and grandchildren Priyanka (33), Nitu (25), Monu (23), Dhruv (15) and Shivam (15).

The Bhatia family, that is originally from Rajasthan was settled in North Delhi for nearly 20 years and ran a grocery shop and plywood business for their living. The shops were just a few steps away from their double storey home in Burari's Sant Nagar area. Every day the shop opened from 6 am till 7:30 and when the shutters were not lifted that day, the neighbors went to the family's residence to check into the matter. It was horrifying when they found the door open and as they went inside, they discovered ten bodies hanging and one dead body lying on the room. The neighbor immediately called the police who are currently observing the CCTV footage for some clues.

A case that seemed to be of suicide now has taken its own turns. It is being suspected that the one member of the family killed the rest and then committed suicide out of guilt. As the investigation of the matter went further, the possibility of the deaths having a direct link to supernatural practices among the family is also being considered.

The bodies were found hanging to an iron grill. All the members had their mouths taped and were blindfolded. As per the reports, only the dog was alive but the fact that he did not bark reconfirmed police's suspicion of murder. Another important aspect was that there was no trace of theft as all the women were found wearing the jewellery, as per the statement of the police officials.

Among these horrific events, while the house was being searched, certain handwritten notes were found which directly pointed towards the existence of some supernatural or occult practices by the family. As per the police officials, the notes spoke about how "the human body is temporary and one can overcome fear by covering their eyes and mouth." The handwritten notes found by the police were:

Choose Thursday/Sunday.

Tie cloth well, nothing but zero should be visible. Along with rope use saree or dupatta.

Rituals should be followed seven days before killing. Rituals should be strictly followed, if the spirit invoked within these days, “finish your work” the following day.

If the elderly woman can't stand, you can “make her go to sleep” in the next room.

Use dim lights.

After tying the hands, if a piece of cloth remains, use it to blindfold people.

The cloth used to cover mouth should be tightly tied.

The more dedication one shows in the process, the better will be the result.

It should be done between 12-1 am. Hawan/puja should be done before that.

Everyone should have same thoughts. If you are able to do this, it will be quite fruitful.

Chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal along with the BJP Chief, Manoj Tiwari visited the spot. On account of the incident, the Chief Minister said, "t is a tragic incident. I have spoken to the police. Let's wait for their investigation to be over.

The family was busy with wedding preparations and the neighbors claim that the family was quite happy and did not have any financial tensions. They also mention that the two brothers were quite friendly and helpful and it is difficult to believe that they may have taken such a huge step of suicide on their own. The situation of Bhatia family is shocking. Is this a murder or a suicide? Or is it entirely something supernatural? The answers are yet to be known! Stay tuned for more What the Fact updates.


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