Saturday, June 17, 2017

Get your mind blown with 5 Mind Blogging Facts about Brain

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It is said that an average human being does not even use 10% of it’s brain in their entire life yet, the mankind has pulled out so many great inventions. Our brain has the ability to do anything. Trust me. Our brain is capable of making our most happy dreams come true, it can help us achieve our most desired goal.

And this blog will surely Blow. Your. Mind. There's so much to know about it but we've selected the top five most amazing facts about human brain.

1. There is no difference between reality and imagination

get-mind-blown-5-mind-boggling-facts-brain32196565 For the brain, it's all the same. That is why people looking at the world through rose-colored glasses feel happier, and this is why our body accepts a placebo as a real pharmaceutical product.

2. We see what we're thinking

get-mind-blown-5-mind-boggling-facts-brain3219 If you dream about a trip to Paris, you’ll see reminders of this city everywhere. See, that’s why people say ‘If you want to change the world, change your thoughts first’.

3. The brain never rests:

get-mind-blown-5-mind-boggling-facts-brain321 While you're sleeping, your brain continues to work hard. Moreover, its activity during sleep is even higher than during the day.

4. Our brain is insensitive to pain:

get-mind-blown-5-mind-boggling-facts-brain334 It surely reacts to pain but doesn't feel it because of the lack of necessary receptors.

5. We can control our brain

get-mind-blown-5-mind-boggling-facts-brain32 All activities make our brain generate new neural connections. If you think you won't be able to do something, this idea only strengthens the consciousness over time. But if you use the phrase "I’ll succeed," the brain itself will give you opportunities to realize your goal. We just shared the secret power with you. Cherish it, embrace it. Just believe in yourself.  

By ~ Vibhuti Gupta

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