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Get Started with these Essential Mac Apps and Utilities

by Tanvi Vohra, Friday, July 13, 2018

So now that you are a Mac user, there are certain essential applications on which you have to lay your hands on. No matter if you are a new Mac user or already are experienced with the product, these applications and utilities are waiting to be downloaded.

All these apps have been created by a third party and are capable in making you Mac more productive with things that are not possible otherwise. The must-have apps listed below are available in the current version of Mac OS.


This app is used for the management of the windows as it enables you to move and resize the windows with the help of Keyboard shortcuts. It can be done also between multiple displays


This enables you to unlock you Mac only by touching the screen of your Apple watch or your iPhone screen, without the use of any passwords.


As the name suggests, this app prevents your Mac from going to sleep or dimming the light while you are busy watching a video. It can be done by pressing at the Caffeine icon in the menu bar.

Self Control

This app temporarily blocks the access to all the distracting websites or e-mails.


This connects your Android phone to the Mac and then you can access all the messages, transfer files and even manage your photos.


If you have a lot of icons that are clustered on the menu bar, Bartender will make your work easier. It hides the menu item that you are not using.


This app lets you upload and send files and even screenshots directly through the menu bar.

Disk Inventory

If you are running low on space then this will help you to find the files and folders that are taking up most of the space.

These applications and utilities will help in better functioning and more utilization of your Mac. Stay tuned for more Tech Buzz updates.


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