If you have a childhood best friend, then you will relate to this

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

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From late night beer parties to senseless talks; we all need a friend. To survive through the thick and thin of life, a friend is very important to support you from time to time. But we have a lot of people in our life whom we call friends. However, not all of your friends will be ready to drink with you at 3 a.m. because no one in their right mind would except for your best friend.

In order to pay tribute to such always-insulting, monstrous and lovable best friends, here are few things which you will surely relate to:

Embarrassing pictures

There's a stupid number of photos of the two of you together and most of them are ridiculous. From the times you looked your best to the worst, you have seen it all. 

Living through time

Being together since childhood, you might be having hundreds of memories together and most of times you meet, it is all about the 'remember when'.

There is nothing that can disgust you

You first saw your BFF barf in elementary school after they gorged on candy, and you last saw them barf a couple weeks ago after having a few too many drinks. Obviously nothing about them grosses you out anymore.

Friends through thick and thin

Which outfit to wear or how to get out of a messy relationship, your best friend has been through some of the most important decisions of your life. 

No lies

It's not that you don't lie to them but it's the fact that you really can't. You can tell immediately when your BFF is trying to hide something from you because you've known their tells since forever. It actually makes it hard for you two to surprise one another as well.

The inside jokes

You don't care if everyone looks at you with bewilderment, you've been at it for years.

I'm going to call my best friend right now, so should you!


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