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KS Abhishek- the man who weaves Magic in thin air with his lyrics

by , Tuesday, November 07, 2017

It is not every day that we hear a song so soulful that we just take a plunge into some other beautiful world with each and every word of it. Well, when you hear KS Abhishek’s songs, you get the same chills.

Accurately called the music connoisseur, KS Abhishek is the live example of people converting hobby into profession as the man has been inclined towards music since his young days. When in 2015 he decided to bring his talent in the industry with his steps rooted deep and spirits high. As the result, he worked with many television shows, biggest music companies.

KS Abhishek- the man who weaves Magic in thin air with his lyrics

But this is just a kickstart to a glorious future of this rising star. He already has something as big as a song he wrote for Anirudh Ravichander in his kitty to treat us with. Lets us witness what more he has for us to cherish in this exclusive interview.

Q. We read that you were born in Kolkata and spent your early days in Ranchi, Kolkata & Delhi, then how did writing in the south happened?

I shifted from Delhi to Mumbai in late 2015. After that, I met some people at Sony Music. A few months later, I got a call from them regarding a project. They didn’t tell me the details at first, so I had a meeting with them and then they told me that it’s for Anirudh’s (singer) first Hindi single.

Q. You were always a good writer but what pushed you into music? Any particular moment you realized that writing songs is my A-game?

All my childhood, I have heard Bollywood songs. My dad loves to sing, so all the information I needed about SD Burman, RD Burman, Manna Dey, Salil Chowdhury and all the other maestros of old Bollywood, came from my father. In my early teens, I really got in to AR Rahman sir’s music and a few years later, John Mayer. That changed my life! I learned to play the guitar and the piano, which led me to composing and writing my own songs, and then I started producing music. Before all of that, I practiced writing poems in Hindi. Practicing more and more, and by learning new words daily, I got better than the last poem I wrote. When people around me started appreciating what I was writing, it gave me confidence to keep moving forward and I felt I was on the right path.

Q. Of course you were. Your parents seem to be a driving force in your life. Tell us about your parents support.  

They always gave me more than what they had. I was exploring what I really wanted to do in my life, but they kept their faith in me during tough times. My mom has always managed to get me whatever I need no matter what the situation is. And dad has been a philosophical guide!

KS Abhishek- the man who weaves Magic in thin air with his lyrics

Q. You have also produced music for Arko, tell us about that?

Arko da has been a mentor and an elder brother to me. He was the one who persuaded me to come to Mumbai from Delhi, where I was studying my audio engineering. He liked some of my tracks that I had sent him and then we started working together. He supported me a lot when I first came to Mumbai. 

Q. And now you are giving words to the most soulful voice in the south, Anirudh Ravichander’s first Hindi song. Tell us something about that?

I remember the day when the song Remo Nee Kadhalan released, and me and two of my friends were listening to that song and discussing how amazing Anirudh’s music is. The very next day, I was told that I would be writing his song. It was all unreal for me!

Q. Does the fact that Anirudh is Rajnikanth’s nephew intimidate you at any point? What is your equation with him?

See, when you think about the country's megastar and the prince of South Indian music, you are bound to get a little nervous. But Anirudh made me comfortable from day one. I went to Chennai to meet him and he made me feel at home. We had similar ideas about the song and we hit it off immediately.

Q. Your song with Anirudh is just about to release and Sony Music is backing you up. How is it working with Sony music?

An absolute pleasure! Rohan Sir(Head of Pop Division, Sony Music India) has been really kind with his constant support and faith in me since the day I met him. He guided me towards the right direction while I was working on the song and he is still there to show the right way. Kaushik (Senior Manager - Digital business, Sony) has also shown his support and helped me at every step. 

Q. Your song is all set to release on 11th November and we are sure it is going to be a big hit. What is your next step as an artist?

Quite a few important things coming up actually. It's too early to talk about them. But you will definitely see more of me very soon.

Well, we hope we do! The song ‘Bewajah’ will be released all over India this Saturday. Get ready to listen to it on loop!


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