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Pari Movie Review: Anushka Sharma steals the show with her stellar performance!

by , Monday, March 05, 2018

Pari.. Not a fairytale. Everyone had their questions when it came to this Anushka Sharma starrer, but hold on because the movie has finally hit the theaters and we're here to tell you everything you have to know. One can say, this is the first time that an A-lister actress has taken such a risk, during the peak of her career. 

pari movie review

The story begins with a sweet introvert Arunabh (Parambrata Chatterjee) who meets his kind of girl Piyali (Ritabhari Chakraborty). While things are moving smoothly, Arunabh meets Rukhsana (Anushka Sharma) chained in an abandoned house. Yes, she's supernatural but is she evil? Moving on to the most complicated character of the story, Professor Khasim Ali (Rajat Kapoor), who is in search of Rukhsana but why? The director answers all our questions till the very end.

pari movie review

Without a second though, penned by Prosit Roy and Abhishek Banerjee, Pari is surely one of the best stories to come out in Bollywood this year. You won't believe the level of excitement gets so high (if you ignore minor loopholes). The love track between Anushka & Parambrata has a graph fluctuating with every passing scene. At points, the situations are so real but sometimes you just can’t bear them. The movie is not just horror, but for the time it's there, it scares you. The story gets transported from Kolkata to Bangladesh, present to flashback but Roy manages to keep it as simple as possible. For any horror movie, the moment of devil-revelation is the soul & Pari excels in this section.

pari movie review

It is not always that we have a Bollywood A-lister take on the mantle of pushing the horror genre in Hindi cinema to the edge and making it fly. But Anushka Sharma Kohli did it. In Pari she has aimed for a home run and succeeds in achieving it towards the climax. She is beautiful & horrific at the same time.

pari movie review

Parambrata Chatterjee is surely a director's actor as his new and unusual chemistry with Anushka does wonder on the 70mm screen. In no way is he shelled away by Anushka Sharma's stellar performance. His brilliant presence makes the story's flow keep going. Rajat Kapoor has nailed his character, yet again. From his first frame, he proves why he’s considered as a legend in this field. Ritabhari Chakraborty has some very important sequences in the second half, so hold on to your seats tight!

pari movie review

Debutant director Prosit Roy has surely proved us all that he is in the long run for this. Scripting a complicated story, teaming up a stellar cast and delivering a product within a controlled budget is not every first-timer can do. With his first brilliant attempt, he has surely set the bar high for his next project. Though after Pari, one thing is clear. Bollywood really does has the ability to bring out a good horror movie without the skin show and cringe-worthy script.

After Vicky Donor and Talvar, Pari is Ketan Sodha's third movie as a full-time composer and honestly, he nailed it! The nail-cutter effect, the music of cartoon channel, thumping of doors; Ketan covers this scary canvas with his spine-chilling effects.

Helmed by Prosit Roy, Pari deserves no less than 6.5/10. This movie is surely one of the best in this genre & a must watch for the fans.

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