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Reasons to visit the land with 57 different beaches: Ibiza

by Tanvi Vohra, Thursday, July 12, 2018

For the people who haven't been to Ibiza, it will be difficult to sum it in a couple of paragraphs. If it is that time of the year for you when you are daydreaming at work, finding a way to run from your boring schedule, then this destination is perfect for you.

The place is well known for its nightlife and is home to some amazing beaches, yoga retreats and peaceful villages. Pack your bags as we will list out some of the best reasons for you to visit this place on your approaching weekend.

It has an amazing nightlife

On every summer night, people flock up the clubs and bars of this place that provides them with one of the most famous clubs all over the World. Right from the new clubs like Pacha and Privilege to the legendary ones like Ushuaia, Ibiza has the best nightlife to offer you as a holiday destination.

No limit to Shopping

Not just normal markets, Ibiza provides you with a number of stores and fashion boutiques. If you want to shop for brands or want to go to a flea market to bargain for the cheap clothes, this place has everything to offer you. Its shopping time!

There is no shortage of Beaches

If you want to dive in the ocean waters and try the water activities or you want to sit quietly by the flowing waves of the sea, Ibiza has some amazing beaches to serve both your purposes. It is a guarantee that you will find a perfect spot for yourself as this place has nearly 57 beaches!

Peaceful Yoga and Meditation retreat

After having a long night at the club and looking forward to a long day with your shopping bags in your hand, it is important for you to relax and let your mind be at peace. Ibiza offers some of the World's finest yoga instructors with retreats in the most attractive surroundings that you will encounter.

Cheap Flights

This is my personal favourite reason! There are a number of low-coast carriers that provide connections to the Island with a rather cheap flight, only if the booking is done at the right time. Although, booking early is not compulsory, but the last-minute bargains are rare these days!

From cheap flights to beautiful surroundings, do you need any other reason to be in Ibiza? Stay tuned for more Travel updates.


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