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Social Media has discovered a way to mould the Quotes of some Renowned Figures

by Tanvi Vohra, Thursday, July 12, 2018

Our generation only understands the language of social media. That is because of the fact that things are more catchy and relatable when we read them on our social media handles. But what about the most famous quotes written and known since generations? The words of wisdom that are embedded in these quotes have all through these ages continued to light our lives with their positive aura.

Things change with time and so it is important to change these quotes in a form that we relate more to. Check out the quotes that you might have read a lot of times, but we bring forward a better social media version to it.

Mother Teresa

Mahatma Gandhi

Mark Twain

John Lennon

Mahatma Gandhi

I can bet on the fact that you are on the way to forward these quotes to your friends. Stay tuned for more What the Fact updates.


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