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The 12-year-old singing prodigy: Sparsh Shah

by , Saturday, February 24, 2018

You would be surprised to hear this kid's version of some of the Eminem's best work. Yes, you heard it right! A 12-year-old kid, Sparsh Shah has stunned the whole world with his version of Eminem's rap songs.

Make some noise for the rap-sensation and Youtuber, Sparsh Shah or better known as Purhythm by his fans/followers who can teach a thing or two to a few grown-up rappers. If you are already bowled over by his rapping skills wait for us to enlighten on some more talents which are hidden in this 12-year-old.

Sparsh writes songs, poems, short stories, composes music, and is currently learning Hindustani classical and American vocal music. Not many kids are this talented. He also performs at community events, has appeared on radio and television shows, and hosts shows as an emcee. He can also speak English in four different accents, and could spell a 45-letter-long word by the time he was six.

Don't jump onto any conclusion just yet. Sparsh was born with a rare disease of Osteogenesis imperfecta also known as Brittle Bone Cancer. He was born with around 35 broken bones and has suffered 125 fractures during his life span. People stop living their life once they encounter such a disease (especially cancer).

But Sparsh decided to move on and conquer the world with one song at a time. Isn't it inspiring? Indeed, it is very much inspiring to anyone who is disabled or ill.


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