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The Land of Dreams needs new Infrastructure

by Tanvi Vohra, Saturday, July 07, 2018

A rather sad incident happened recently when bridge collapsed in the Mumbai's Andheri Station. Although the news is tragic, yet is does not bring any surprise to those who know the land of dreams. Nearly every year, during rainy season Mumbai has cried for a better infrastructure.

Mumbai has its downfall in the most beautiful time of the year. When rain brings a positive aura around us, Mumbai happens to have some tragic event in this aura.

Check out the these five reasons that prove that Mumbai desperately wants its much-needed change.

A part of a road on Marine Line caved in due to the rains.

One person was killed and two were severely injured after a wall in a housing society collapsed.

There were 1,366 incidents of house collapse between 2010 and 2015.

A large part of a wall in Wadala East caved in, burying 15 cars.

Nearly Five Thousand metric tonnes of garbage was thrown on the public places in Mumbai after a single day of rain in the year 2017.

The list of disasters seems never ending in Mumbai and the government should respond. Were you aware of these conditions? Stay tuned for more Travel updates.


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