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These Ambient Advertisements will twist your mind!

by , Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Ambient ads are just so damn cool. They flaunt creativity at its best. They are one form of advertisement that can literally be found anywhere and everywhere. Traditional media like newspapers, radio and TV reach out to millions but it is getting hard to catch consumer's attention with them. 

The audience need something new, that's where ambient advertising comes into place. 

These advertisements blend into the place so perfectly, that it never looks forced upon and you will definitely stop to think about the intended message. You’ll find yourself experiencing everything from laughter to sadness, anger to worry, awareness to anxiety, through such ads. They could be props or spoofs, banners or stickers; just about anything at all.

So here are some mind-blowing examples of ambient advertising: 

Into the world of wild

Air pollution kills

It can be anyone, anywhere

Let the world look

You almost want to shoo the 'flies' away

Now what do they say about smiles that light up the room? 

Because you have a break! 

You can do it!

Never stop learning

Lastly, film promotions on point. Hi, Alice!

I know, you did, think twice!

By ~ Vibhuti Gupta

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