Things which an animal shelter worker will never tell you!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

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Indeed, pets are the cutest members of a family. We adore dogs, cats and other animals even more once you become a pet owner. The feeling of coming home to your adorable pet that has been waiting for the whole day just to pounce on you is priceless.

Your pets love, cherish and need you at every point of their life. But would you want to stay with your pet 24x7? I doubt! We would like to enlighten the dark side of animal shelters.

For the love of pets, here are some things which an animal shelter worker will never tell you:

Pets do bite!

You can call this an occupational hazard whereas an animal shelter worker would call this a good day (if you're not bleeding). The chances of being bitten increase even more when you're working with nervous dogs and doing something uncomfortable like picking ticks from their fur, etc.

Cats are more dangerous

People are often more scared of a huge dog than a cat. However, if you ask an animal shelter worker than you would get to know that cats are even more dangerous and more impulsive than dogs. That is why cats are rolled in towels while medicating them unlike dog.

Miserable life of pets

We often conclude that pets have a miserable life in an animal shelter/kennel. But the truth is that they are being taken care of by the most experienced people in the field along with lots of attention.

Unskilled work

Even if you think that an animal shelter worker/vet has a job which requires no skill then you might be wrong. People who are working in this field have to continuously update their knowledge by attending seminars and reading books.

Best part

The best part of their home is not the paycheck but watching a terrified pet transform into a happy one, is the actual motivation of such workers. So, it won't be wrong to say that the workers in animal shelters do love their job but responsibilities (at times), like us all.

Kindly, let us know what you work for and what would you like to share about your work experience. Stay tuned for more blogs and updates.

By~Unik Dhandhi

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