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Travel the Roads which are diverged in Unknown Paths

by Tanvi Vohra, Thursday, July 05, 2018

Are you that person in every group who raises his/her hand whenever it comes to trying on some new places? You do not care if these places are dangerous or rather haunted. The mere thought of experiencing something not seen by many, thrills such people to move on.

We all have heard of Robert Frost's phrase, 'The Road Not Taken'. Well, it is true. All the roads cannot be travelled on. If we dare to step onto these roads, we cannot even blink our eyes for a second, leave alone the option of making even a minor mistake.

Check out these 5 roads (for those who are daring) which are narrow, have sharp turns and are accompanied by harsh climates of India.

Kolli Hills, Tamil Nadu

A mere look at this road will make it clear how dangerous it is. The path that the road follows looks like a child's scribble on a sheet of paper. These hills located in the central Tamil Nadu are commonly known as the Mountains of Death. Sadly, it is an accident prone area on all the Ghat roads.

Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Located high in the Himalaya Mountains, this mountain valley literary has an uphill drive. In addition to that, the slippery roads add up to the problems of travelling on this road. However, the view that one will experience while travelling on this unique road is worth all your while and risks.

Khardungla Pass, Ladakh

This mountain pass in the Ladakh region is a nightmare for even the most experienced drivers. It is approximately 5,602 meters above the sea level and it terrifying because of the fact that it has both; frozen ice and dirt on the road. Moreover, its steep turns add up to the dangers of the road.

Chang La Pass, Ladakh

This road connects the Pangong Lake and Leh. It is covered under snow the entire year and so it is damn slippery! Further adding to these difficulties, the road has rather low temperatures and there is a common problem of lack of oxygen in that region.

Rohtang Pass, Leh

Ya, it is the same road that you saw in the movie, Jab We Met, but let’s face it- it is not such a pretty site in reality. The road is covered with mountains on both the sides and so it is prone to landslides. The most horrifying fact of this road is that it has pile of corpses buried in snow as it is believed that many people have died in bad weather while crossing this road.

So how many of you have the guts to travel on these roads that people have definitely heard of, but never gathered the courage to travel on!? Stay tuned for more Travel updates.


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