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4 Easy Steps to Apply Eyelash Extensions and Mascara like a PRO

by , Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Eyes without a thick veil of lashes appear to be incomplete. Eyes are the reflection of your beautiful heart, so make sure you curl and coat them to perfection. Trust me about stealing away his heart with dramatic eyes that speak volumes without saying a word. 

The only drama I enjoy is in my lashes.

Yeah I know, some of us just can’t get beyond the basic mascara thing. That’s why you can count on me to resolve this concern (and most others). Let me help you perfect the technique to curl and coat your lashes perfectly. The right way to apply mascara can change the mild eyelash into fuller drastically. 

Curl up Lashes

eye makeup

Place a roller at the root of your eyelash extensions. Repeat in the center. Apply once again at the origins. This creates a type of curved form which make eyelash seem bigger.

Apply Base over lashes

eye makeup

Applying some eye-shadow will reduce the stark contrast between the eyelash skin and dark mascara. Use a warm beige colour which is a shade or two deeper than your complexion upon your eyelids.

Sweep Mascara onto the lashes

eye makeup

Using an extending system in a brown-black colour will lend proper extensions to your eyelashes without seeming dark coloured. Sweep a magic stroke at the base of your eyelash. Shake it a bit then run through the finishes.

Clean-Up Eyelash Extensions Before Re-Use

eye makeup

Make sure to keep your eyelashes clean and maintained. Begin with combing your eyelash extensions one or two times with a spooled brush to eliminate any clumps and fan off the hair before using eyelash extensions. This provides a smooth finish just like your own but with a volumizing boost. 

Taking cues from the celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal, “The key to lush, natural-looking eyelash extensions is to keep away from mascara that goes on too clumpy or broad.” She further added that applying a little eye-shadow first can make the lashes seem larger. Mally has worked with celebs like  Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé . She is the founder of cosmetic brand “Mally Beauty cosmetics”.

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