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5 Changes you must bring to your lifestyle for a better immune system!

by Unik Dhandhi, Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Being healthy is mandatory for living a healthy and happy life. A happy life includes a well-established career, peaceful home, a strong body and a calm mind. Now you must be wondering that where does health play a role in making your career well-established or making your home peaceful or calming your mind?

Education leads to awareness and awareness leads to a better way of living!

In fact, if you are overall healthy which includes a healthy body, mind and soul then you are bound to perform better in every field; physically, mentally, socially and financially. Not only this, a healthy human body is capable of healing faster than others. Yes, you're right! A healthy person has a better immunity then a non-healthy person.

So, here are 5 changes which you must bring to your lifestyle for better immunity:

Eat less sugar

No, sugar has nothing to do with diabetes! But you would be surprised to know that excess consumption of sugar takes a toll on your immunity and drains it. We would like to advise you to regulate your sugar intake as it might have a bad effect on your immunity in a long run.

Consume less carbs

If you love potatoes then you might be in danger of damaging your immune system. There is processed white flour in basically everything; pasta, patty, pizzas, doughnuts, etc which when consumed lead to toxicity.

Eat colors

Vegetables are very important to maintain and nourish your immune system. And if you eat only potatoes and onions as vegetables then you are going in the wrong direction. You must consume a bowl full of boiled colorful vegetables. Your veggies must include green, red, and purple and as many colors you can find in a grocery store.


To be healthy, a human body requires sufficient amount of sleep. Sleep is meant to give your body rest, reboot your mind and detoxify your system. Hence, make sure that you sleep enough every day. However, consistent sleep routine in a dark room may help your body perform at its best and repair your immune system.

Do what you love

If you love drinking then do not get us wrong and start drinking like a fish. Here, we meant find such recreational/productive activities which you enjoy doing like playing soccer or playing FIFA on your game-console, etc. Such activities will not only burn some extra kilos but will also provide your mind a sense of satisfaction. With a happy soul, your immune system will surely boost with time.

So, how are you boosting your health today? Please do let us know your queries and reviews in the comment’s section below. Stay tuned for more lifestyle related updates.


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