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5 hair care blunders that make you look old

by , Friday, February 23, 2018

We have all had good hair days and not-so-lucky bad hair days. But do you know that there are some hair mistakes which make you look older? Perplexed? Your luscious locks are the first things that can make or break your impression.

Life isn’t perfect but your hair can be!

It is always better to take care of your game changing locks before they lose their shine or make you look older than you are. Here are some of the common mistakes that you do which ages you and fades away your charming personality.

Forgetting to Trim

hair care

The first major blunder that you do is forgetting or cancelling that salon appointment of yours. Letting your hair grow longer often leads to a aging look. Even if you are not getting an haircut regularly, make sure you have those locks trimmed to keep them in style and make you look fresh forever. 

Chose your color cautiously

hair care

Attention: Never pick a color that washes you out completely. This hair colouring trend is all about complementing you and not making you look years above your age. Take your hair stylists’ advice when it comes to colour and make sure you give yourself a touch up, once your color starts to fade. Fading things never look good.

Bang Bang

hair care

We all love bangs, don’t we? They jump and bounce in their own time and makes us look younger, carefree and dynamic. But the tricky part is, if you don’t change your look it will wear you out. Just change the way you part your hair or switch to some newer look and see the magic unveil.

Recreation is not always Good

hair care

The most we love our hair is the moment just after we leave from our salon with a new haircut. We just love the way our luscious locks bounce and flow in the air, but when we try to recreate that same look at home, it falls flat. Trying to charge up your mane minus proper tool leaves them looking unnatural, frizzy and dead.

Fried Ends

hair care

Yes, the things we fear the most and always eventually end up doing. Styling is good, but we often ignore the fact that our hair cannot take so much of heat and chemicals. To keep them right and bright, revitalize your mid-lengths to ends by taking them to the salon monthly.

Don't waste time girls, start your hair care routine now.



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