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6 Differences between college and High School which you surely will relate to!

by , Thursday, March 08, 2018

We all have to go through these two phases during the early stages of our life: College and High School. For some the school-life was better than the college whereas others have a different opinion. But why is there a need to compare these two? Well! There is not. But the moments which we have spent during those days are priceless and memorizing them is never enough.

There is no age for learning!

From waking up early in the morning to staying up late with friends; A student's life takes a 360 degree turn after leaving school and entering a whole new world known as 'college'.

So, here are such six differences between college and high school with which we all can relate to:

Difference #1

During school, a student knows every other student in his/her class unlike the college-days. If you knew even a single student in your college besides your friend-circle then you must consider yourself lucky.

Difference #2

A student’s daily routine is completely designed by his teachers/parents whereas during college days, a student has full freedom of choosing their very own study-routine.

Difference #3

Students never prefer going to the school whereas a college-student never prefers going home.

Difference #4

We make friends in school but we learn what friendship is, in college.

Difference #5

A school’s student is almost completely dependent on his/her mentors and parents whereas college-life teaches students to become completely independent.

Difference #6

Students hate going to the first day of school but love attending the first day of college. Last day of school is always heart-wrenching for students as well as teachers whereas the last day of college is not as big of a deal.

So, what all did you experience during your college days? Please share your experiences with us by commenting in the comments-section below. Stay tuned for more lifestyle related updates.


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