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7 best TV couple looks to borrow from this Halloween

by TIMC Monday, October 30, 2017

For all the Halloween-enthusiastic couples out there, here is your last minute saving grace to nail that festive look without breaking a sweat. As a matter of fact, there are tons and tons of television couples who continually rock the screen and move their fans.

Two is definitely better than one.

From the sea of favourite star couples, our fashion team at The Indian Movie Channel has picked out seven best TV couples and their looks to get into on Halloween. Take a look.

Daenerys & Jon

7 best TV couple looks to borrow from this 2017 Halloween

The GoT fever is gone for a while now. Meanwhile, as fans eagerly wait for the return, couples can play these strong characters for Halloween. Since the last season ended really cold and chilly, you can imbibe that theme by going for fur collared cloak, leather skinnies and knee high thick strappy boots. Got longer-than-usual hair? Great! They are curly? Even better! As for Daeny, make decent braids on both sides right above the ears, pull them back for a half pony. If it is not too late, get your hands on Temperley London’s dragon dress that featured in its 2017 winter collection. Who knew fire and ice made such a great combo!

Klaus & Caroline

7 best TV couple looks to borrow from this 2017 Halloween

For all the old-school but very very classic lovers, here is Niklaus Mikaelson and Caroline Forbes from the Vampire Diaries. If you are not blonde by nature, it's time you dyed your hair and get a pretty red dress ready to get into her character. And for mister Klaus, you’ll need a dapper suit, one that gives a modern-day sophisticated sleek look and stubble (even a 5 O’Clock will do). You know Mikaelson is an original and has the perfect touch for all things art. DO NOT play it down!

Mitchell & Cameron

7 best TV couple looks to borrow from this 2017 Halloween

Only fans of Modern Family will understand the chemistry and understanding between Mitchell Pritchett and Cameron Tucker. One is a lawyer and one is an awesome daddy—all that makes this gay couple amazing parents to Lily Tucker-Pritchett. Tucker loves to dress up fancy so you can channel his character by throwing in a colourful floral shirt and a denim dungaree or play a clown just like he did in one episode. Introvert Pritchett sticks to his legal suits and shows his pleasure (or displeasure) in his own cute ways.


7 best TV couple looks to borrow from this 2017 Halloween

For Cosima and Delphine Cormier from Orphan Black, building that romantic chemistry came with spending a handsome amount of time together in the laboratory at Dayad Institute. So, it would be apt to stick to white lab coats. You can spice it up by sticking an insignia or your own name tags to the coats. Get their hairstyles right and hey Dr. Cormier, keep that French accent intact. Wink!

Lagertha & Ragnar

7 best TV couple looks to borrow from this 2017 Halloween

Practically channelling the Vikings spirit is hard on everyone (unless you are a Viking). So the closest we can get there is by evoking Lagertha and Ragnar Lothbrok, the amazing couple from the popular show. Winter is not exactly here yet, but it is a good time take out that fur poncho and put it together with a colour matching cape. For the lady, throw in a rusty red corset over a white tunic, fish braid your hair and get ready for battle. Don’t forget the Mohawk haircut and the war essentials.

Coulson & May

7 best TV couple looks to borrow from this 2017 Halloween

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, get ready for Halloween-y action. To dress the part, you need to get one thing straight: these well-trained highly intellectual couple never misses their target no matter what. Iron and even out your most expensive suit (pinstripes preferred) for him, and strap on a sleeveless leather jacket for a possible martial arts show from the remarkably skilled Melinda May. This Halloween, S.H.I.E.L.D’s Cavalry is certainly coming to town.

Eleven & Mike

7 best TV couple looks to borrow from this 2017 Halloween

Stranger Things has been making the headlines for all the right reasons. And you bet every fan has at least once imagined Eleven and Mike growing into a romantic couple. Continuing in this hope, young couples can pick casual school outfits—Peter Pan collar frock and jacket for Millie Bobby Brown’s character, and beige pants, tee, jacket and sneakers for Finn Wolfhard’s. Keep the makeup minimum. Stranger Halloween guaranteed.

For more on latest trends, fashion, lifestyle and celebrity news, follow us on TIMC. Did we miss out on better Halloween couples? Tell us in the comments below.


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