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7 greatest perfumes to gift your man this year

by , Thursday, November 16, 2017

Fragrances can bring forth memories, seduce or make you dream of a faraway magical land. Men’s choices for clothing, apparel and then everything else can be very limited. However, looking at the right places will do the entire trick to finding the right kind for him. 

Whether your man likes to keep it really casual or the guy you are looking out for is all about dapper suits and sleek Derbys and neatly parted hair, we’ve got you covered.

Play safe, use in subtle amount and let Karl do the talking.

Given the many perks of owning one, our fashion team at The Indian Movie Channel recommends a collection of seven best perfumes you can pick for a guy this winter. Shop them in the buying links provided.

Azzaro Chrome


A combination of citrus and white musk notes, Azzaro Chrome keeps versatility at play. For the wearer and the smell-er, it will give green and aquatic notes of adventure. One tip: best executed when used mildly.

Shop: Azzaro Chrome Eau de Toilette @2700 INR Buy

Ralph Lauren Polo Black


This one’s for the bold, sexy and sophisticated. Ralph Lauren Polo Black eau de toilette gives a strong sense of iced mango and Spanish sage, an apt choice for that one fellow who likes high collars and prominent stubble and leather ankle boots.

Shop: Ralph Lauren Polo Black Eau de Toilette @4200 INR Buy

Versace Homme


The aromatic fougere wood in Versace Pour Homme evokes a decidedly masculine figure. This one is for the passionate character that doesn’t forego foreplay and is willing to go all the way. You know what we mean. About time you channel your inner Bruno Mars and get the Versace on the floor.

Shop: Versace Pour Homme EDT @6450 INR Buy

Karl Lagerfeld


This one may be a pour femme officially, but here’s the trick: takes one to know one. A guy opting for a women’s perfume has higher chances of relating with them (or at least trying) and eventually landing one awesome catch. Play safe, use in subtle amount and let Karl do the talking.

Shop: Karl Lagerfeld Perfume for Women @4850 INR Buy

Bvlgari Black


This will serve as ambrosia for the perfect evening, and even better, if he is looking for a delicate, soothing note. Extracted from tuberose flower and neroli, this Bvlgari cologne promises a touch of vitality and subtle decency.

Shop: Bvlgari Man Black Cologne @4050 INR Buy

Happydisiac Oriflame


A more laid-back-feel-inducing fragrance, this blissful Oriflame perfume is one way to celebrate you and your irresistible zest for life. Top notes are caviar lime and mandarin apple. Let your man feel get used to the freshness balanced with coriander seeds, strawberry and cedar.

Shop: Oriflame Happydisiac Man EDT @1999 Buy

Elie Saab


Designed and put together by the designer himself, this EDT is for a radiant-demanding voluptuous style statement. Also sporting cedar woody accord with a hint of honey rose, Saab’s orangy floral parfum is definitely a call for one elegant joie de vivre.

Shop: Elie Saab Le Parfum @3500 INR Buy

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