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7 Things which will no longer be a part of Meghan's life as enters The Royal Family

by Vibhuti Gupta, Sunday, May 27, 2018

We all were mesmerised as Prince Harry wed his actress girlfriend, Meghan Markle, I mean, that's the dream! Right? Getting married in Windsor Castle, where who's who of the world is invited. It's giving me chills, as I type. But with so many advantages, being a part of the most prestigious family in the world also has its own down sides as well.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex might travel to Africa for their Honeymoon

Once you're a part of The Royal Family, there are some rules that are automatically applied on every individual. No questions asked, even the Queen abides by them!

So, we thought of informing the same to you. Former actress, Meghan Markle has some new rules to follow since she's the Duchess of Sussex now:

Bye-Bye, dresses!

The Royals are very particular about their clothing, so Meghan has a strict code to follow. No short hemlines and low-cut clothing!

No selfies in public

The Royal Family is forbidden to click selfies in public. Moreover, the Queen finds the whole idea of selfies pretty vain.

No Vote

The Riyal family cannot be politically biased, so...

No Monopoly, EVER!

Did you know the Royal family is not allowed to play Monopoly? According, to Telegraph, The Duke of York was quoted as saying, "We're not allowed to play Monopoly at home. It gets too vicious."

She can't rest until Her Majesty!

Yes, that's a rule. No one in the family is allowed to go to bed before the Queen does.

No Autographs

First, no selfies. Now this! How am I supposed to make people believe, if I met her?

Be ever-ready for any tragedy

Every Royal has to carry an extra set of mourning clothers, just in case any tragedy occurs. This came after, Queen Elizabeth was in Kenya, and her father passed away back home. She had to return to the country in 'unsuitable' clothing, and had to wait in the plane for a black dress to be delivered to her.

No Sea food

The Royals cannot afford to get sick and miss out on their daily duties, So they're advised to not consume any kind of shellfish since it's known to cause stomach issues!

Looks like, everything comes with a price of its own!


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