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Bring Summer-Fresh Orange to your Wardrobe in 8 ways

by , Thursday, April 12, 2018

Summer is spreading its arms wide by increasing the heat day by day. Take a break from boring or classic colours by switching to summer-fresh orange colour.  Brighten up your day and uplift your mood by inculcating this vibrant colour into your wardrobe. 

Orange is the new black.

Orange represents a fiery spirit of the sun, energy, youth, warmth, flamboyance, determination, strength and friendliness. Orange can bring out the hidden zest in those dull spirits as well. You must have noticed how young and sexy it makes you look and feel. So, they are reasons enough to colour yourself orange from top to toe. Well, here are top 5 ways to start wearing orange this summer.    


orange colour

A fiery orange skirt is all you need to spruce up those fair or tanned legs in an instant. By the way, that is going to make you a style diva.  


orange colour

You can opt for a suede orange jacket or another season-friendly jacket to be matched with whites, blacks or grey, beige, navy blue, leopard prints. A must-have trend this season.


orange colour

Blacks, browns, purples are so clichéd when it comes to sunglasses. Go orange this summer. Wear orange tinted sunglasses as well as orange-hued frames. Be it wayfarers or aviators, orange is going to add life to any face, in a jiffy.  


orange colour

Can we imagine stepping out without a shoulder-bag that carries our world in it? Well, how about using a fancy orange-hued handbag to make a cool style statement? You can experiment with the designs like choose engravings, rhinestones or subtle embroideries. 


orange colour

Ok, a nice pair of orange danglers would amp up your monochrome white or black outfit with its mere presence. I presume that’s reason enough to get a pair of orange danglers for yourself. In fact, you can opt for statement earrings, hoops etc. as well.  


orange colour

Why leave your feet behind when colouring up in orange? You can get a pair of wedges with a slight pop of colour instead of fully-orange footwear that will make you look like a sister of Lady –Gaga who’s known for making faux pas often.  So, remember you have to pick a pop of orange colour into your wedges or platforms to spunk up your lovely feet that make you stand on your own. 


orange colour

Alright, having an intricately designed orange dress is going to make those drool-worthy guys ogle at you for hours. You’re going to be the star of every show if you play right with the designs, textures, fabric and colours. For example, orange is available in subtle to bright to dark varieties. 


orange colour

Heading to the beach, how can you forget to wear the colour of the sun-orange? Yes, wear a monokini to surf the waves or wade through the sea or basking in the sun. You can flaunt those curves and the eye-catching orange colour to your friends and foes alike. 

Take a fashion clue from the aforementioned fashion tips to colour-up your wardrobe, mood and life into the most happening colour of the season. There’s a reason why orange is called the new black because it makes you a cynosure in the twinkling of an eye, no matter where you are. You should just know how to make a wise choice. 


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