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Check out 5 Hot styling tricks to Rock the Backless Look

by , Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Deepika Padukone’s outrageously sensuous low-back dress won oodles of admiration. Katrina Kaif’s textured cuts and styles in backless dresses were enviably captivating. Kareena Kapoor Khan has dared to bare her chiselled back in sarees that started another trend to urbanize the Indian attire. If you’re blessed with a toned body, show it off. Else, work out those curves to look ultra-sultry.

Use stylish cuts to compliment the backless dress.

Using the right cuts, fabrics, designs and textures can make a dull dress look vibrant and attractive. Be it an awards night, cocktail party, engagement or wedding; get ready to enchant mere mortals with your toned back. Let us give you a dream-come-true look. 

Minimal Accessories

backless dress

The focus should remain on the plunging back outfit. Ergo, use light jewellery and minimal accessories. Never overdo it. Else you’ll look like a clown of the circus. Avoid bold necklaces and gaudy bags. If you can’t walk out without one, then opt for a statement piece to enhance the whole look. 

Variety of cuts and textures

backless dress

You can make those cuts and designs work to your advantage if you tweak them to highlight your personality. You can accentuate lower back, posterior, collarbone with the help of silhouettes. If you’ve got perfect collarbones, you can flaunt them with a suitable neckline with a cut that exposes the collarbone well. Opt for a low scooped back or a deep V-neck to reflect your feminine side.  All you need is a right cut and design to show off the curves and toned back. You can also cover the bareback with a net fabric or cutwork to look stylish. 

Pick the right innerwear

backless dress

There are plenty of innerwear options available in the market. You can opt for lingerie which is either tube type or comes with adjustable straps to tweak according to the exposed area. Nobody wants to ruin a perfect-looking dress with peeping lingerie. You are sane enough to pick the right lingerie which is designed to suit your outfit.  

High Heels

backless dress

In my words, “higher the heels, higher the confidence within”. Pick pumps, stilettos or kitten heels in matching colour or nude shades to compliment your outfit. If you feel uncomfortable in heels, then pick those with airy feel so that you feel super-light and stylish, at the same time.

Experiment with Colours

backless dress

Yes, when it comes to backless dresses, it depends on the variant to help you decide the right colour. The reason you wear a particular colour repeatedly means that you know it suits your personality. Pick one colour that totally brings out the diva in you.  Opt for emeralds, reds, pastels or any other shade that makes you look gorgeous.  Avoid wearing too many prints or patterns, lest the dress may look outlandish.  If you’re not able to decide the colour, then go for classic black.

Now, you’re ready to go backless and flaunt the sexy dress. We bet you’ll look like a million bucks when you keep in mind a few useful tricks. Take a cue from Bollywood’s fashion icons who dare to go backless in style. No matter what you wear, bring your elegance into each outfit. 


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