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Clever Everyday Hacks to Fix Broken Makeup Products At Home

by , Thursday, February 01, 2018

Okay, we have a history of breaking hearts as well as makeup products. The other day, you bought an expensive powder blush in a lovely pink colour but accidentally dropped it on the floor.  Alas, you killed the innocent. And you’re just about to throw it off. But wait!!! Don’t write it off just yet. You can fix the broken things with a clever trick anytime. 

Why throw off your broken makeup products when you can bring them to life?

If you are oblivious to the fact that those broken makeup products can be brought back to life, then we bring this article as a blessing for all of you. Add new lease of life to broken compact or blush and a little more. Not only do we teach you to mend broken things but also value the money spent on your splurges. 

Compact Powder/ Blush-on/ Eye-shadow

fix broken makeup products

Once you have recovered from the shock of breaking your expensive blush-ons, eye-shadows or compact powder, heave a sigh of relief and welcome this valuable piece of advice you’ll thank us for. Collect the broken pieces of makeup into the original container. Cover the kit with a plastic wrap and crush the broken product and even the remains to form a loose powder consistency.  Unwrap it. Pour a few drops of alcohol then wrap it again. Then smoothly spread the whole thing using a spatula, the back of spoon or your fingers. Uncover the wrap. Let it settle for a while. Whoa! It’s ready for use. 

Creams gone Dry

fix broken makeup products

Add zest to the dried cream blush or cream-based eye-shadow by dropping an iota of saline solution. Once the solution is settled into the cream, you can use it again. The product will become as good as new. Way to go! 

Shattered Lipsticks

fix broken makeup products

It has happened to so many of us. The plight of watching our newly bought lipstick or best-shade ever lipstick break is totally worth groaning about. Well, fret not. We are here to give you a quick fix solution. If you have a broken lipstick, then follow this step. Simply put aside the broken lipstick piece from the tube and freeze it for ten minutes. After taking the lipstick out of from the freezer, use your lighter to heat the broken edge of the lipstick for a few seconds and reattach while it is warm as quickly as possible. Light the cracked part again to seal it. Freeze for 10 minutes and your lipstick is ready to use. 

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Unable to use the Unreachable product 

fix broken makeup

There are times when each product reaches the very end of the box that makes it hard to scoop it out and use again. This is where spatulas come into the picture. Use those spatulas to scoop out the creams etc. from the end of the box easily. You can save those spatulas that come with the popular facial bleaches et al or you can buy from the market near you. 

Wow! Isn’t it great news for beauty mavericks to look fashionable again? Yes, now you can reuse the shattered or messed up makeup products by fixing them cleverly. Try these easy-breezy hacks to save money on the extravaganza. Because, women are adept at fixing things that seem impossible to men. 

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