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Clever tricks for keeping your pup cool this summer!

by Unik Dhandhi, Thursday, May 31, 2018

When you bring home a puppy, it looks like nothing but a fur-ball. That fur-ball later gets a name and in no-time becomes the most loving member of your family. Besides providing unconditional love, puppies also bring a ton of responsibilities on your head. And one of the major responsibilities of petting a dog is to help them survive the intense heat of this summer.

Life with pets is Purrrrfect!

During summers when the max temperature reaches to 43 degrees pets get completely miserable, especially the ones with a heavy fur-coat. It won't be wrong to say that often a dog-owner forgets about it. But you should not! In order to make sure that your puppy stays cool throughout the summers, here are some clever tricks for keeping your pup cool:

Keep them hydrated

Always make sure that your puppy is properly hydrated. Even if it is a grown-up dog, it is extremely important for them to stay hydrated. You must keep a bowl of water always handy near your dog.

Mini-pool for pup

One of the few ways in which a dog releases the heat is by splashing in the water; it is their natural response to the heat. So, what are you waiting for? You must buy a mini-pool for your puppy in order to make him/her stay cool during summer.

Rubbing Alcohol

Another trick which dogs use for staying cool during summers is evaporation. A dog's body is biologically not-designed to sweat and it is nothing but a liquid with low boiling point which evaporates for regulating the body temperature. Hence, you may use rubbing alcohol for keeping your puppy's paws cool.

Frozen Treats

During summers, you must have seen that dogs hang their tongue out. It is because they release a huge amount of their body-heat through their mouth. So, treating them with a frozen delicacy is never a bad idea. Also, you should make sure that you are not over-feeding your dog during summers.

Get them groomed

Obviously, dogs feel hotter because of the heavy fur-coat attached to their skin. It is like having long and thick hair all-over your body; imagine how terrible will you feel, during summers? You must get your dog's fur clipped as short as possible, especially if you own a Husky, a German shepherd or a pom-pom.

So, what measures are you taking for keeping your puppy cool this summer? Stay tuned for more pet-related updates.


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