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Enhance the look of your World with these Jute Designs

by Tanvi Vohra, Sunday, July 08, 2018

Jute is a fabric that has a rustic feeling and if you know how to use your creative mind with this material, it can do wonders. The sad part is, when I was a child, I have always seen this material as a waste and it has always been discarded.

Home is where every story begins
With time people realised how easy and beautifully Jute can be used for the decor of the houses. Now days, it is being used for making bags and also for gardening purposes. The best part is that it is easy to make and is highly inexpensive.

Jute Chandelier

Light Bulbs are to be hanged with a thick wooden stick and then wrap it up tighty with a jute rope.

Jute Lanterns

Dip Jute in a mixture of glue and water and then wrap it around an inflated balloon.

Jute Doormat

The more the rounds of Jute, the bigger is the doormat.

Jute Laundry Baskets

Make a laundry bucket by wrapping Jute around a bucket and using glue to paste it.

Jute Lamp Decoration

Use a old lamp and wrap Jute along with it.

So, got your glue and Jute ready? Which all are you going to make? Stay tuned for more Health and Lifestyle updates.


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