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Fashion just got sweeter with Mrilanini Chandra’s candy jewellery

by , Thursday, December 07, 2017

Jewellery fashion just stepped into a completely different landscape and it’s sweet! Mrilanini Chandra X Candy Crush is the quirkiest and most colourful collaboration jewellery lovers and Candy Crush addicts have seen so far. You will find all the special candies—colour bombs, striped jelly beans, lemon drops, etc. in the forms of earrings, brooch pins, bangles and so many more.

Chandra blends her signature meenakari with Candy Crush’s pop colours and shapes.

The young designer roped in Bhutanese model Tashi Pedy for an even more colourful campaign. Our fashion team at The Indian Movie Channel has neatly sorted the individual candies and their respective styles. For the convenience of our exclusive readers, we have also provided the buying links for the products featured. Go ahead, find your best candy.

Lollipop Head

Mrilanini Chandra Candy Crush Jewellery

This cute lollipop head comes in two prints—blue, and blue and white stripe; and three styles—hand ring, necklace mixed with other candies, and brooch pin. They are handcrafted in German silver with outlines plated in 22K gold. Spruce up your winter wardrobe in this subtly chic accessory.

Shop: Blue Lollipop Head Brooch Pin Buy

      Striped Lollipop Head Hand Ring Buy

Colour Bomb

Mrilanini Chandra Candy Crush Jewellery

The colour bomb 4 candy set earrings will give a bold and playful aura around you. Pair with just about anything—dresses, skinnies, bombers, high necks, off shoulders. Fort maximum style statement, add pop to your make-up colours and drop in anywhere you feel like. They are not called bombs for nothing.

Shop The Look:    Colour Bomb Ring Buy

      Colour Bomb Double Finger Ring Buy

         Colour Bomb 4 Candy Earrings Buy


Mrilanini Chandra Candy Crush Jewellery

Besides the brooch pin and ring designs, jelly beans are also featured in open bangles and double finger rings perfect for cocktail evening and late night parties. 

Shop: Red Stripe Jellybean Double Finger Ring Buy

                     Red Stripe Jellybean Open Bangle Buy

                         Red Jellybean Candy Hand Ring Buy

Lemon Drop & Clusters

Mrilanini Chandra Candy Crush Jewellery

These two candies come in all of the available designs. Favour a dramatic get together? Mix match them with even quirkier outfits—striped orange and purple headband, patched denim, pair of red Superstar, and high waist. Albeit, do not forget the chewing gum.

Shop: Purple Cluster 4 Candy Earrings Buy

                    Lemon Drop Open Bangle Buy

             Stripe Lemon Drop Brooch Pin Buy

6 Candy Lariat Necklace

Mrilanini Chandra Candy Crush Jewellery

The 6 Candy Lariat Necklace Buy is versatility at its best. Crafted in a single string, you can double or triple the fold depending on your outfit choice and occasion. Pair with any candy accessories for a pop-fun ensemble.

Meanwhile, it is worth mentioning here that Candy Crush is expanding its fashion merchandise, beginning with the recent Moschino collaboration for A/W 2017. As Chandra assures, there is more of these candies coming the way. We are definitely looking forward to seeing more, maybe, even uncle coconut wheel and aunty jelly fish.

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