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Get your A-game on with this Lip-Liner Guide!

by Vibhuti Gupta, Thursday, July 05, 2018

Going out or not but good lips are a necessary of all times. Be it a simple office look or a girls-day-out, no girl should ever have a bad lip liner day. These lip liners are one of those universal beauty products that have always managed to grab our major attention and space in the bag!

You might get away with ruining her day but never her lipstick!

Using lip liners and lipsticks is a daily task but are you sure that you’ve been taking care of your attractive lips enough? Having the right shade helps you shine as bright as your million-dollar bright but you should never forget to take care of your lips too!

Our beauty and skin care expert has listed below, a few ways to get the lip liner game right of yours!

Say NO to dead skin

Nobody likes a rough finish so do keep your beautiful lips well-hydrated. Apply lip balm frequently to moisturize your lips and remove the dead skin by gently using a soft toothbrush over your lips.

Outline the lips

Remember to draw a 'M' shape on your upper lip where the two arches converge. Do this slightly above your natural lip line to make your lips fuller. Please DO NOT overdraw!

The Lower-lip

Always keep your mouth wide open and tighten your lips. Begin with outlining the lower lip from the middle and then move outwards to the sides.

Let the strokes begin!

Phase 1 is complete and now it's time to work inwards. Just simply draw small strokes on your lips and use a lip liner to fill in smoothly.

Blend it!

If you want to sport a matte look, then you are done. Just apply some lip gloss and you are set. But, if you want a strong shade, apply a lipstick of the same shade. Blend the lipstick with the liner using a lip brush for an even-toned look. Clean the edges using a tissue or cotton bud.

Applying a lip liner is as essential as your mascara. It helps in keeping your lipstick stay longer and makes your lips look clean and precise. Stay tuned for more Style Center-related updates!


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