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Get your bags packed for visiting the beautiful Japan: Here's why!

by Unik Dhandhi, Monday, April 16, 2018

A traveler is nothing but an individual who decides to live life on a higher note, among the unknown. The journey of self-exploration at a place unknown always gives you a plenty of lifetime lessons. However, not every traveler’s goal is 'self-exploration' or learning.

Somewhere between self-exploration and wanderlust!

Some people love travelling only for the sake of knowing the unknown. And if you haven't travelled much then we bet that there are a lot of things to be added to your bucket list. Have you ever been to Japan? If yes, then you know how beautiful and eccentric it is and if not, then you must add it to your wanderlust list.

Here is why you should add Japan to your bucket list:

Experience the inexperienced

Japan being home to one of the most innovative tech-giants in the world, has some of the most advanced technologies and gadgets in the world including 'sleeping-pods'. Yes, nowhere in the world but Japan is where you will find the first-ever sleeping pod station. We bet this is one of the foremost reasons for visiting Japan once in your lifetime.

Cherry blossom beauty

During late March or early April, the beautiful season of Cherry Blossom brings a colorful hue to the atmosphere of this culturally rich country. It is the best time of the year for visiting Japan and witnessing the beauty of this country. If you visit Japan then you will witness that they fore-plan numerous screenings dedicated to this time of the year in Japan.


Undoubtedly, Japan has some of the most exotic forests and mountains in the whole world. And it would be a pity on you for not being able to witness Japan's scenic beauty. In case you get tired while hustling in the city-life of Japan then you may head to one of the natural retreats situated in one of the snow-caped mountains of this country.

People of the country

It won't be wrong to say that the citizen of the country, Japan are the most hard working and hospitable people on the face of planet earth. And this also, means that they expect you to be equally respectful for them. Japanese people are very helpful and always welcome their guests with warm wishes.

Are you looking for more reasons for adding Japan to your wanderlust list? Then, you must visit this country to find your zen and calm your senses. Stay tuned for more lifestyle related updates.



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