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Get your silhouette in shape! SS ’18 is all about geometry

by , Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Taking inspiration from contemporary styles and popular ideas is one of the initial steps to shaping the fashion world. With time, and with generation, we tend to ultimately evolve our style sense and then pave the way for a priceless innovation. In case you are still stuck in winter wardrobe, here is a pretty warning—spring ain’t that far away, you know.

Lines and squares and shapes, the ones to watch this season.

This time, our fashion team at The Indian Movie Channel picks New York-based designer Ji Won Choi and her intricately designed colourful patterns. A Parsons designer creating sustainable fashion, the Seoul-born designer is one of the few whose clothing style does not confine to specific gender. Take a look.

The Influence


These ones are for the frequent jet-setters, thanks to the collection combined with Resort 2018. As travel becomes the norm, designing clothes shifts towards comfortability and versatility. In an exclusive interview with UK’s Fashion Scout, Choi says, Showing so many seasons per year…is not sustainable. My main inspiration still is closets and the excess volume of clothing we all own.

Discerning Styles


Choi’s designs boast of fluidity and simplicity that greatly evoke an Oriental traditional fusion style. The colours are perfect for spring and a welcoming sign to summer. Wearing what everyone wears is a good way blend in with the society but uniquely standing out calls for evolving a certain personal sense of style, something these creations of Choi’s guarantee.

Sustainable Norm


As an emerging fashion designer, Choi’s vision is to explore sustainability in terms of environmental and social longevity. As fashion takes it latest form, the idea is to keep the style game going by working different combos with these outfits. These monochromic numbers are prominently striped, a signature print from Choi’s debut collection, and a way of saying black and white never goes out of style.

Closet Access


Negotiating sustainability issues on the runway is not new to younger generation of designers today. Although a tricky business for many, especially the aspirants, these minimal yet aesthetic designs are one way to ensure a more ethical wardrobe. Keep it minimal, keep it stylish, keep it sustainable, and keep it ethical. Now, that's one definite point the world would agree on.

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