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Here are some of the best themed-cafes of your neighborhood!

by , Thursday, February 22, 2018

When it comes to leisure, most of us have only one thing on our minds; booze. But is it just the booze which helps in lowering down your stress level and relaxes your mind? Where many would agree with the fact that booze is a good way of letting go work-stress, we would say the aroma/surroundings play even bigger role in lifting your mood.

Drink good beer with good friends for a good life!

So what is it that relaxes our minds (if not booze)? Indeed, it is the positive vibes which surround you. And hence, you must enjoy your “afterhour’s beer” at a place which is both vibrant and relaxing. In order to make sure that you leave all of your office-blues outside your home, we have carefully compiled a list of some of the best themed-cafes in the town.

Here are some of the best themed-cafes of your neighborhood:

Lord of the Drinks

This café is already one of the most popular cafes in town (especially if you are going for an afterhours drink). This café is popular for its medieval-time theme which will surely take you back a century or two after a couple of drinks.  There are numerous branches of this restaurant cum bar all around the NCR. You can find one at Connaught place as well as Hauz Khaz.

Tabula Beach café

Unfortunately, there are no beaches in Delhi but that does not mean that you cannot enjoy a beer or two at a beach in Delhi. Tabula Beach café is a beach themed restaurant cum bar which serves delicious snacks along with a huge variety of alcoholic/non-alcoholic drinks.  Located near Siri Fort, this café will surely give you a tropical feel.

Smaaash café

If you are a fan of gaming and even drinking beer is a competitive sport for you then you must pay a visit at Smaaash in Gurugram. This café is a game themed café which provides you a huge variety of activities which you can do along with good food and drinks. And guess what! It even has its very own bowling alley and lots more.

21 Gun Salute

This premium royal-themed café situated in sector 29, Gurugram is a place which offers a warm and royal atmosphere for you and your family to enjoy their even more delicious food. If money is not an issue then you must visit this. If not the food then the antique automobiles and artifacts will surely interest you.

Jungle Jamboree

If you are a fan of the wildlife then Jungle Jamboree is a café only for the people like you. It is a jungle themed restaurant which is very intriguing in itself. The vibrant lighting and greenery all around you, you will surely feel the wild-vibe. You can find this café in CP as well as in Gurugram.

Sipping your afterhours drink in such a café is what you need after a tiring day of work. Stay tuned for more lifestyle related updates.



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