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Is your sex life also affected by smartphones?

by Deeksha Kumar, Thursday, June 14, 2018

Sex in our knowledge is a feeling of love with your partner which is way too deep and all you want is to be ONLY with your partner. But these days there has been a change in our perfect definition of sex. People have started to spend time with their cell phones along with their partners while having sex.

17 per cent of millennials reach for their smartphone during sex.

Checking phone is now becoming the priority for people which they don’t even neglect while making out love with their partners. Like really? Is it that important?

According to a US-based survey conducted amongst people aged between 18-34, 85% of the people check their smartphone while using the toilet and 43% of them have a look at it while taking shower. Now that is what we call addiction!

This kind of behaviour is more common among this younger category of smartphone user than those aged 35-51 and 52-70. Amongst the people surveyed, 27% of participants reported feeling some level of fear or anxiety when left without their phone. 19% participants said that this habit is affecting their relationships with their families, whereas 9% of them didn’t face any such issues. Looking at the phone before sleeping also affects the quality of sleep which was also reported by 35% of the participants. Be addicted to your partners and not to your phones. Stay tuned for more Relationship updates.


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