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Kalki Koechlin’s bag line is a reflection of herself

by , Thursday, April 05, 2018

 One of the gems of Indian cinema, Kalki Koechlin, has come up with her bag line in association with luxury brand Hidesign. The lady is more than happy about launching it as she feels that it is a reflection of her.

Kalki’s range of bags include everything from fun bagpacks to chic party bags.

Known for her fierce and unconventional aura, Kalki tried to bring in the same authenticity to the range as she brings to her acting. She really wanted to reflect some or the other aspect of her identity into every bag.

Kalki Koechlin

She said, "It was important for me to find the correct balance between my ideal creation and reality of the market. Even though there are different styles of bags, they have a theme running which is based on what I've learnt to value in life over time; dancing inside, freedom with responsibility, remembering we are earthlings, borrowers of the planet, the value of being different.”

The range is designed in collaboration with Hidesign’s founder Dilip Kapur, who has known Kalki and his family since a long time. He revealed, "I have known Kalki's family for years and it is a pleasure to work with someone, who understands where the brand comes from, what we believe in, and represents the kind of woman our customers aspire to be - ambitious, independent and glamorous."

According the Kapur, Kalki was involved in every process of creating these bags and even pushed the brand to experiment with bold colours such as ‘Cardinal', ‘Rust' and ‘Metallic Gold'.Follow our Bollywood Magazine For Latest Bollywood News and Gossips.


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