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Let us remember Shashi Kapoor for his undeniably simple personality traits

by , Thursday, December 07, 2017

Last night, Bollywood lost one of the most iconic veteran actors of the country, Shahi Kapoor. Deewar star Shashi, 79, left this world due to his poor health. Shashi did numerous Bollywood movies during his magnificent acting career.

Mere paas Maa hai!

Undoubtedly, Shashi Kapoor was the face of romantic sings during the golden era. With intense acting skills, fun-loving attitude and powerful dialogues Shashi was once amongst the top stars of Bollywood. Shashi started his career as a child actor in his father Prithvi Raj Kapoor's plays at the age of 4. He started his career with Dharamputra in 1961 and never looked back since then. Here are a few personality traits of this amazingly creative actor which will surely inspire you to conquer more in your life.

Never take work home!

Shashi Kapoor

Well! Let’s accept it. We all do this. We all at some point of our lives might have hit home with a straight face due to an uncanny day at work but Shashi Kapoor. This veteran actor has always maintained a strict balance between profession and family. A report quoted his son Kunal Kapoor as saying that his father would try to schedule his outdoor shooting schedules to coincide with the kids' school holidays. Isn't that amazing?

A loving father

Shashi Kapoor

Shashi Kapoor apparently shared a strong relation with his son, Kunal Kapoor. Later his son revealed that they would often have long talks on movies and theater. Such a good rapport with his son indicates that Shashi was a loving father.

Never a fan of Awards

Shashi Kapoor

Shashi Kapoor did numerous movies during his career. And some of which were critically acclaimed. But as per our sources, he never cared about the fame. He was a hard-working actor and hardly paid any attention to the materialistic awards. When it was announced that the veteran actor will be conferred with the prestigious Dadasaheb Phalke Award, his son, Kunal Kapoor revealed that his father had never been a fan of awards.

Best co-worker

Shashi Kapoor

As we all know, back in the 70s Shashi was a complete heartthrob. And even Shabana Azmi accepted the fact that she was completely in awe of this star. Shabana revealed that she would save her pocket money and buy posters of Shashi Kapoor from Grant Road and get them autographed by him. She also added that later when she got a chance to work opposite him, she got to know that he is humble and respecting as well.

Hated attention!

Shashi Kapoor

In an interview, former actress Shabana revealed how Shashi Kapoor never liked to come in the media glare. Shabana Azmi also stated that when she and several others from the industry were demanding alternate housing for several slum-dwellers in Colaba, it was Shashi Kapoor who came forward to send their message to the then Chief Minister.

What an amazing artist! And such strong ethical values made him one of the most iconic stars of the industry. RIP veteran Bollywood legend Shashi Kapoor. 



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