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OMG! These are some Amazing things you can do with Baby Oil

by Unik Dhandhi, Friday, February 02, 2018

Baby oil is versatile beyond your imagination. Celebs swear by the beauty benefits derived from Baby Oil. Yes, from removing your makeup to softening your dry skin; baby oil proves to be very useful. 

You'll be amazed to know these wacky and wonderful uses of Baby Oil.

Okay before you prod to say that you already knew that, here is something special for all our lovely ladies. We bet you didn’t know about the following beauty uses of baby oil that can ease your life and make your skin velvety. 

Benefit #1: 

wonderful uses of baby oil

Baby oil is suitable for the safe removal of makeup on the face and around the eyes leaving the delicate skin area soft and shiny.

Benefit #2:

wonderful uses of baby oil

As the temperatures dip, we have to switch our beauty cosmetics and stuff that we simply can’t do without or use on a daily basis.  This is where the multi-purpose products come in handy as we can adapt them according to our convenience. Shower-gels is one such example that dries your skin during winters or you have to chuck it out of your bathroom closet for something which keeps the skin clean yet soft. Take that bottle of your halved shower-gel and pour down equally half amount of baby oil in it, shake and swirl about the shower-gel bottle well and its ready for use. It leaves your skin feeling refreshed, hydrated and baby soft smooth.

Benefit #3:

wonderful uses of baby oil

Apply some baby oil on your feet. Leave it overnight covered with warm socks as you wake up to radiant and velvety smooth feet.  

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Benefit #4:

wonderful uses of baby oil

Use it to get rid of the stretch marks caused due to the recent weight loss, hormonal imbalance etc. by a slight rub & massaging around the affected skin area which helps in softening of the skin as well as increases the elasticity, thereby, restoring the smooth texture & shape.

Benefit #5:

wonderful uses of baby oil

Are you wondering about ways to create your own cleansing face wet wipe tissues at home? Here’s how can do it: Pour in 2 tablespoons of Baby body lotion, equal amounts of baby oil , 8-10 rose water drops, one tablespoon of bath-wash along with ¾ cuppa lukewarm water onto the bounty paper towels and store these wet wipes into a sealed and safe container.

Benefit #6:

wonderful uses of baby oil

Slather on generous amounts of the baby oil for a well-moisturized, insulated and warm body before you head outdoors in the cold breeze during winters for instance when going for morning exercises or jogging to refrain from any stiffness and adverse reactions.

Now that you know about the unique ways to use baby oil, we’re sure you’d love to try them out. Roll up your sleeves and enjoy making new things for yourselves that would be helpful to your loved ones as well. 

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