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Pick Nature's Best Skin Moisturizers for Winters

by , Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Mother Nature heals everything she takes under her wing and nourishes everyone who rests on her lap. Combat the winter dryness, experience youthful skin and bid farewell to skin problems with heaps of moisture found amidst our very own lush green nature’s lap. 

“Cocoon your dry skin with the nourishing shield of nature’s best nutrients.”

Ditch the heavy-duty moisturizers which promise more yet deliver nothing. Switch to powerful moisturizers derived from the wealth of nature such as coconut, shea butter, honey & more.

Coconut Milk Oil


Enriched with nutrients, this nourishing moisturizer contains extracts of Coconut Milk Oil, which is multi-purpose nourishing massage oil with high-absorption.Not only Coconut Oil nourishes and hydrates skin naturally. It is very light and non-greasy and doesn’t leave traces after use. The miracle of nature settles deep into the skin.Try the coconut milk remedy to caress dry skin and hair with ample of moisture. 

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Almond Oil

If there is an elixir of youth on earth, it is found in almond oil. Quench the dry skin with oodles of pure almond oil which removes dead skin cells and impurities, delays ageing, renews skin cells and moisturizes dry skin for a younger, softer, supple complexion all over the body. 

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Shea Butter 

Shea butter comes to the rescue for skin protection and complete nourishment. Feast your problem skin to the dollops of soothing, moisturizing benefits of Shea butter. The nutty scent adds to the flavorful aroma that leaves your skin fragrant all day long. Be it wrinkles around the eyes, stretch marks, skin inflammations, Shea Butter is great at improving skin elasticity and boosting collagen production. Some sources over the internet claim that Shea Butter helps in skin lightening as well.

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Argan oil

Apply the world-proven fountain of youth known as Argan Oil to heal dry, itchy skin. Argan oil cures stretch marks, skin ageing, and uneven skin tone with heaps of intense hydration. This wonder of nature multitasks to visibly reduce wrinkles, nurture cuticles, repair flaky skin. Apply the Argan serum, oil & crème to skin, hair and nails for total care and conditioning of well-being. 

Wake up to a baby-soft radiant skin next morning after experiencing the midnight miracles of Argan on your body.

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Raw honey works wonders for your skin in more ways than one. Honey has antibacterial properties with a massive dose of skin-saving antioxidants that prevent environmental damage. Skin experts also say that Honey accelerates skin lightening when prepared into a DIY-mask. Feast your skin with the miracles of Honey to give your skin a powerful rejuvenating treatment or an inexpensive DIY solution, raw honey promotes a healthy glow with anti-ageing benefits.Honey isa natural treatment for acne, ageing, complexion boost and prevention of unclogged pores by opening them, renewal and intense moisture for dry skin. 

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No more dryness, no more problem skin. Say hello to soft, glowing skin. We hope you enjoyed the feast of nature’s trusted moisture treatment ingredients for a beautiful and rejuvenated well-being.



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