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Priyanka Chopra

by TIMC, Tuesday, November 08, 2016
With the talent so fine, she is no less a piece or art.
Fun Facts: She’s not only creating waves in Indian cinema, but is making all of us Indians very proud by creating a niche in the international entertainment industry as well. But, how many of you know that Priyanka Chopra hated everything about herself while growing up! The only thing she liked about herself was her eyes. Difficult to believe isn’t it? Especially, from someone who is so confident about herself and also someone who has the largest fan following today. Here are some more fun facts about Priyanka: Did you know she started her career with a Tamil movie and not a Hindi movie? The Tamil movie was called Thamizan. She has often admitted that she’s a huge gadget freak. Had she not become an actor she would have been an engineer! She would have made one interesting engineer, what do you say? One of her dream roles is the one Kajol played in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. Her favorite color is red. Fitness Regime: Her daily workout routine is simple as she does not like spending long hours in the gym. She spends about an hour in the gym and also practices yoga to keep fit. She focuses less on weight training and more on strength training. As far as yoga is concerned she prefers to do the tree pose, warrior pose and half lord of the fishes pose to make her body more flexible. Skin Care and Make Up tips: She believes in cleansing her face and moisturizing it before going to be no matter how tired she may be. Coconut water and lemon water is what she believes keeps her skin all clear. When it comes to skin care she believes in using natural ingredients like a scrub made with turmeric powder added to milk or yogurt. A make up secret: To make brows look natural, brush them up, fill in with color and brush them back to make them look filled and natural! Diet: Priyanka has often commented about how she’s been blessed with a good metabolism so she does not follow a very strict diet. She likes eating home cooked food and likes to add more of green veggies and fruits in her diet. She stays away from fried and oily food but doesn’t mind chocolates and cakes occasionally since she has a sweet tooth! The secret to her flawless skin is her habit of keeping herself hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Her breakfast normally includes skimmed milk, egg whites and oats. For lunch she prefers to eat salad with daal, veggies and chapattis and her dinner is normally grilled fish or chicken with soup and veggies. She likes to snack on sandwich and salads. We will keep updating you. But here’s some valuable information for all those men who wish to woo PC: PC loves men in good shoes! She hates men in extremely groomed outfits and last but not the least, she likes men with a great sense of humor! Her man needs to make her laugh, that to her is most important!



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