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Reasons why your Work and Friendship should be North and South Pole

by Tanvi Vohra, Saturday, July 07, 2018

Partnering up with your friend seems like an amazing deal right? Just like the Bollywood film, 'Badmaash Company' the success bar seems to go high constantly if you are working with your friends. But, unfortunately, things are not so goody to shoes always. Even though you both know each other and trust the other person completely, it is going to be really complicated. Once you and your friend begin to get your business started, it will lead to a rather toxic situation.

Best Freinds enable you to laugh a little louder and live a little better

So, knowing why the mix of you and your friend working together is not a good idea is really important. Check out these reasons if you want to save yourself from a big-time mess.

It will get Personal

You are way too comfortable with your friend, and so after a point in time, you will leave your professionalism in the company. Moreover, it will leave a bad impression on the other employee working in the organisation. Also, the grudges and differences that were not within you and friend till now may now arise.

You have different Personas

The two different side that every person has- one which depicts your work ethics and is known to your entire office for which you are appreciated; the other side that hides behind your social media profiles, that no one should ever know. If you are working with a friend, then he/she surely knows about both these sides.

You may take each other for Granted

Your performance may suffer as your motivational level will drop thinking that your friend has your back and will protect you always. This can be as small as getting in late for office to not putting in enough efforts for the things to be in order.

Jealousy may find it's Place

It is a general psychological fact that you will feel jealous if your co-worker is achieving more even though you are putting in enough efforts. The most awkward scenario will be that you are still working in the same position and your friend gets promoted and becomes your department's boss. He/she can now fire you as per his/her will.

These things can be solved if for once while working we keep our ego aside and rather than pointing out on other's mistakes, we peep into our own faults. Working with friends can be great if we know how to deal with it. Stay tuned for more Relationship blogs.


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