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Robert Pattinson Reunites with Kristen and Confessed ‘Love’s complicated’

by , Saturday, February 17, 2018

Well, Hollywood seems to be running a season of reunions. Robsten fans have been hoping for their reunion after the newly single status. Robert Pattinson is up to something rare. Yes, he spoke to the media about his feelings. 

“Life and Love is more complicated than Samuel perceives it.”

Robert Pattinson has discussed his views on love with the paparazzi. This shocking revelation came post his reunion with ex-Kristen Stewart. Now, do we smell roses in the air? Read on to find out what exactly happened between them. 

“Was just at bar enjoying my friend’s birthday and in comes Robert Pattinson which blew my Twilight mind up, and then Kristen Stewart walked in and now I’m reliving my high school Twilight fantasies,” a fan tweeted which spread excitement over the internet. Fans requested a picture of two together amidst a fairy-tale intimate atmosphere and capturing the moment would’ve made it more obvious. The fan added further, “Wow! Did not expect this response! It wouldn’t have been cool to take a picture of them; they just seemed like two friends hanging out.”

Watching your favorite celebs together feels as if you are living a dream. This happy incident has made Robsten fans enthusiastic about their reunion. The bystanders went bonkers as they looked Robsten talk to each other and being too friendly.Robert Pattinson, 31, and Kristen Stewart, 27, were spotted together in a bar where they were enjoying a drink. Let us give you a scoop from Robert Pattinson on how he feels about things going on.  

“It’s obviously more complicated. I think Samuel, the main character, is a bit of a fantasist. He likes believing in a poetic version of reality. I think life and love is a little more complicated than he perceives it,” the former Twilight star quipped. Rob and fiancee FKA Twigs, 30, separated in Oct. of 2017 after years of togetherness. Later, he bumped into with his ex-Kristen Stewart at a Silverlake’s Edendale bar on February 11 before flying to Germany.

We’re sure that Rob knows love requires a lot of work. We agree life isn’t a cakewalk, all the time. But now that both are single, Twilight fans are going berserk to see them unite for a lifetime. 

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