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Top fashion Blunders Every Man should Avoid

by , Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Who says men’s fashion isn’t too important? Men own a stack full of favourite tux, trousers, t-shirts and denims. Even though, men can rely upon a single pair of jeans for a few weeks, that doesn’t mean men don’t have fashion desires. Every time we experiment, there are fair chances of going wrong. 

When in doubt, pick white, black and navy blues.

It’s human to err, after all. Even celebs are spotted committing fashion crimes. Just in case, you are planning to go out with your lady-love to pop the big question and cannot afford a fashion mistake, relax I’m here for you. Here are a few important pointers to take into consideration to look your best minus any faux pas. All you need to do is avoid making common mistakes. Take a cue from celebrities. 

When in Rome, Dress as Romans do: 

men's wear

It goes without saying that you should dress according to the venue. If you are going to a club with your partner, keep the look quirky. If you are taking her to a formal dinner, keep your attire formal. In case you are going out for a short trip or a picnic, keep the look casual. Whether you are making a public appearance or out with your lover, you don’t want to appear foolhardy or a clown. 

Keep it simple, subtle and crisp:

men's fashion

You recently bought a nice shirt in lilac and pondering over options to experiment that can prove to be tricky. Stick to tried and tried style statements to play it safe. Avoid any zany colours, prints or patterns that make you a laughing stock in front of everyone. Stay true to your natural style. 

Look refined, groomed and sophisticated: 

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Guys! Dressing up neat and refined is an art you must master. Be it Hrithik Roshan or Saif Ali Khan, they are an epitome of sophistication. Hrithik gives us fashion goals with his perfectly well-groomed look. Although, he can sport an unkempt look yet sizzle. Still, browse through his profile and you’ll see how he sports different looks in style. If you need to get a manicure or pedicure done, then don’t shirk away from this grooming session. Make sure your clean-shaven look is squeaky clean. If you’re the bearded guy, then keep your beard moisturized. Tame your brows. A bit of touch-up on face and neck would do wonders, if done appropriately. 

Ditch clothes which are a misfit

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Don’t hesitate to flaunt those chiselled abs you’ve got after a gruelling gym session. Always wear clothes with the right fit to your body. Make sure they highlight your strong personality and hide any weak points. Pick suitable t-shirts, shirts and chinos as well. In case you are slightly out-of-shape, go for dark colours like navy blue, olive green, chocolate brown, violets etc. to camouflage the flab and dress up in monochrome to look taller and fitter. 

Do not bathe in fragrance: 

men's fashion

Fragrance should be applied to moist areas when pores are open. Only in moderation. You don’t need to drench yourself with perfume, you already took a shower, remember? Well, too much perfume pushes away women. Applying a little spritz at the right places will do the trick for you. 

Taking a few suggestions won’t do any harm. You can ask a fashion consultant about dressing up the right way. A blend of confidence and charm will bring out the style quotient on its own. Keep it chic, elegant and adaptive to trends/season/occasion. You can bask upon the aforementioned fashion advice to prevent some silly mistakes when you dress up and trot off.  

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