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Update your Nail Polish Collection with these Varieties

by , Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Our well-manicured hands look prettier when painted with the vibrant colours of rainbow. Nail paints have undergone a massive transformation with the changing days of fashion. Nail enamels are no longer limited to a shade-chart of colours. In fact, nail art has spruced up the market in unique ways. 

Strengthening nail paints nourish your nails without chipping away.

Wherever you go, you see a revolution in nail-designs. From nudes to neons, girls simply love colouring up their nails. Gone are the days when we used to match our outfits with the colour of nail-polish. Now, we match our spirit with the nail enamel shades. Several international brands like Revlon, OPI, Sally Hansen etc. have dedicated a complete line to nail care products.

Here is the updated list of modern day nail polishes. 


nail polish

These nail enamels come without shine. One has to apply it carefully as there are chances of streakiness. Despite these factors, it enhances the beauty of your hands. 


nail polish

Such nail paints have a translucent finish. You’ll find them in a variety of nude shades or pinks. Let me inform you these are very much in vogue and goes with anything you wear.  


nail polish

These are endowed with some pearly shine into them minus the sparkles.  Go for them to achieve a neutral yet classy look that goes with your style in whatever you wear. 


nail polish

These kinds of nail polishes come with a fine metal like finish which is mostly available in shades of bronze, silver, gold and copper. This should be your choice for parties or weddings. 


nail polish

As the name suggests, you’ll find heaps of glitter thrown into this variety. The type and size of glitter may depend upon the brand. Not all of them come with a smooth finish. 

There are a few other factors to be considered such as:

Superfast dry nail paints do not consume more than two minutes to dry out as compared to others which take a long time to dry. 

Base and Top Coats 

nail polish

These nail paints have a clear consistency to prevent them from chipping or fading away easily. Base coat protects nails from discoloration due to constant use of dark colours.  Top coat lends shine and ensures long-lasting stay on nails without fading away. 

Strengthening nail paints

nail polish

Have you heard of nail paints that trigger growth of nails while strengthening them? Here they are. These nail polishes contain proteins and fibers that protect nails against breaking, chipping or splitting to provide nourishment to nails. Basically, one has to apply them regularly to achieve the desired outcome.

The first thing you’ve got to do now is analyse your nail polish collection and update it with these new suggestions. Tell us which is your favourite nail paint that makes your hands look very beautiful? 

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