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Wicked Uber drivers you must be prepared to meet once in a lifetime!

by Unik Dhandhi, Saturday, April 07, 2018

With changing times, the modes of transportation have also evolved. From times when one had to wait in long queues for boarding/deboarding a public transport to times when your personal taxi is just a few clicks away, one thing has not changed which is the encountering of strange humans along your journey.

Journey is itself happiness!

And nothing is better than unknown human interaction based on the need of the person instead of their relation. Such string-less communication with strangers whom you meet on your periodic voyage often leads to uncomfortable situations but many a times proves to be a moment to learn (from someone unexpected). Today, we will talk about some typical drivers of the most exploited ways of transport which is private cabs namely Ola and Uber. Yes, we know right! We all have once or more in our lives encountered a weird Uber/Ola driver but what now?

Here are some wicked types of Uber drivers which you are bound to meet at least once in your lifetime:

Angry old man

Okay! We all know such a driver who is always angry behind the wheels and is well-aged too. And the most irritating part is that if you do not have patience then you must not be an Uber driver but here we are. Such an angry old man driver will have his window rolled down every now and then for speak ill about every vehicle's driver who is trying to overtake his.

New kid driver

You must have guessed it right! With so many additions being made to the flea of private  taxis there are a lot of new kids which learn driving just to become an Uber driver. But someone please tell them that experience is indeed necessary. No wonder, he's going to stop at every red light yet will be getting scolded by every grandma driving.

Conversation starter

Such drivers are the most irritating ones out of this bunch. Conversation starters will notice any usual thing (about you) and say any usual stuff just to begin chit-chatting. But the best way to tolerate then is a set of headphones. 

Uber Idol

Ever encountered a driver who had the worst voice yet did not hesitate while singing Justin Beiber's 'Baby' song? If not then you have a lot more to see and experience in this world. Such singing idol drivers are nothing but a pain in the a**. Again, the best way to tolerate them is a pair of headsets.

Pandit Ji

In India, even the population of gods and goddesses is not less and so is the population of worshipers. We like to call such spiritual drivers as 'Pandit Ji'. They would not start the engines of their taxi without reciting a full-fledged mantra to protect our journey from evil ghost on our way to the destiny (as if five portraits of gods were less).

So, the next time you board an Uber or Ola, just make sure that you are prepared to deal such wicked drivers. And stay tuned for more lifestyle related updates.


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