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Zodiac Signs reveal what traits women love about men

by Richa Dhingra, Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Women fall in love with men who have some specific traits. What are those traits? Good looks? Money-making? Intelligence? Not sure?

Each zodiac sign has some mystery attached to it.

Let me chart out these qualities for you based on your zodiac sign. Yes, now you can finally find out what is it that women love so much about men. Now you can win over your beloved’s heart by understanding her heart and preferences.

Aries love astrology

A passionate and assertive man wins the game for Aries women. If he finds quality time to spend with you, then you find him attractive and adorable.

Tauruslove astrology

Taurus women find benevolence to be supreme. Men who are selfless, kind and nice in general are the one for her. Keeping the last morsel of food and chivalry are the little acts of care that she loves. 

Geminilove astrology

A man with great party skills wins over a Gemini woman as she rarely loses the opportunity to unwind and relax. A man who can let his hair down in the coolest manner is the one for indecisive Gemini women.

Cancerlove astrology

Good sense of humour in a man turns you on. You love a man who can make you chuckle and chortle because you’re not the one to open up easily and humour can help you get comfortable. 

Leolove astrology

A Leo woman loves being in the spotlight and she loves a man who is outgoing, fun and can lead a crowd with his charm and leaderships skills along with one who can have a good laugh over things.  

Virgolove astrology

Perfection is the way to win over a Virgo woman. She loves a man who is smart and witty. A man to match her expectations is the one for Virgos. 

Libralove astrology

That intense baritone voice of a man makes you go weak in the knees, dear libra woman. You want a man who can flatter and seduce you with his sexy voice. 

Scorpiolove astrology

A man who cooks looks good in your books. A man who can cook for you is the one for you because everything is sexy about men who cook.

Sagittariuslove astrology

A man who can win you over with his voice is the one for you, dear Sagittarius. Adorable singing qualities of a man impress you. 

Capricornlove astrology

Capricorn girls love a man who blushes and smiles while doing so. A man’s shy smile melts your heart.

Aquariuslove astrology

Aquarius women like men who are honest and don't shy away from saying things as they really are. Expressive and bold, is the one for you.

Pisceslove astrology

Pisces women love a man who is caring, warm, compassionate and gentle. A man who understands a woman’s feelings wins the crown.

Let me know how accurate was the zodiac prediction along with your views about this topic. Well, each sign has some particular traits and women’s preferences change according to their own zodiac sign.


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